Country Music France – Wishful Drinkin’ Review

Album review – Drew Fish Band’s “Wishful Drinkin’”

February 7th. Just one month ago. But it seems an eternity. It was the day that Drew Fish Band released its LP album, “Wishful Drinkin’“. Listening to it, today, is remembering what we have presently lost: a form of frivolity, the simple pleasure of sharing drinks with our friends in a bar, the greatness of live music, the simple enjoyment of our freedoms.

Drew Fish Band’s music is very special for all those who love real and traditional country music. After two excellent EP’s, “Playin’ With a Flame” (2014) and “Treat You Right” (2016), the Texan band released an awesome LP, brilliantly produced, as always, by Adam Odor.

All songs were written or co-written by Drew Fish. Some of them are familiar, as they were released previously to the album.

Better Place” was the first of its ten songs to be released. Co-written with Byron Hill, it’s a beautiful country song that brings us happiness and well-being. Its music video is amazing.

Devil You Know“, a great Honky Tonk song co-written with Roger Brown and Thomas Conners, is a major hit of 2019. It was the 8th most played song of Billboard’s Texas Regional Radio Report last year.

The title track, “Wishful Drinking“, co-written with Roger Brown and Byron Hill, and “Lone Star Saturday Night“, co-written with Curtis Grimes, are gems for all Honky Tonk lovers. If you want to forget the actual anxious news and think about how you’ll celebrate your Saturday night once our weird present will have definitely ended, just listen to them on repeat!

Every Damn Time”, that Drew Fish sings with Pam Tillis, is a beautiful ballad. Co-written with Roger Brown and Chris Colston, it’s the kind of song that country radios would play all day long if only they knew what country music is.

Another You“, beautifully co-written with Roger Brown, is one my favorite songs of the album. It’s a great old-fashioned ballad with excellent pedal steel. A gem!

High Rollin’ Home“, co-written with Curtis Grimes and Rick Garoutte, is an awesome Honky Tonk song with amazing fiddle and piano. I love this song! Definitely another of my favorites on this album.

Baby, Just Let Go“, with beautiful songwriting, is also one of my favorites.

All those who have not listened to “Wishful Drinkin‘” yet should do it right now. It’s an amazing album, with a traditional country style and perfect songwriting. It’s not a surprise for all those who loved Drew Fish Band’s unforgettable hit “Flood“, included in the EP “Treat You Right“. And it’s even less a surprise when you know that Drew Fish began his career, when he was a sophomore in High School, sharing the stage with Cory Morrow. Listen to Wishful Drinkin’… and enjoy!

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