Roots Magazine – Wishful Drinkin’ Review

For anyone craving fun-loving country music that gets you through both the weekdays and the weekend – you can find just that in native Texan country artist Drew Fish’s recently released third album, Wishful Drinkin’. The album was produced by five-time Grammy winning producer Adam Odor. The singer/song wrote every track on the album in collaboration with many talented hit songwriters. This honky tonk, true twang country album is about nights on the bar, falling in love, and has an all-around positive energy anyone can appreciate.

Fish started off playing with his band at college fraternity party gigs while he and his buddies were still in high school. They were soon playing shows across Texas, and he began releasing albums after deciding to follow the music after his college graduation.

“One Beer At A Time” is a perfect track to crack open your first beer to, or anytime you’re feeling a fun pick-me-up. The song is about letting loose, not wasting a moment worried over the little things. Fish lends us all the friendly reminder, to just take life one beer at a time. Put this one on for a catchy tune and to remember that everything will be alright!

The ninth track, “Baby Just Let Go”, is a love song reminding his love that he will always be there for her, she has nothing to fear and to slow down and appreciate the little moments between them. I particularly appreciate the instrumentals in this song, it blends together moments of drum and guitar riffs and harmonies with sudden breaks that give this track something extra special.

Wishful Drinkin’ saw Fish take on a new level of musical dimension and proved an enjoyable listen the whole way through, a diverse list of tracks unified by that sweet light-hearted country flavor.

Written by Olivia Praet

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