Americana Highways – Wishful Drinkin’ Review

Drew Fish Band, Wishful Drinkin’

Honky tonkin’ will never go out of style, as long as beer is brewed, working class warriors remain ready to blow off some serious steam and country singers like Drew Fish spin out songs like “Lone Star Saturday Night,” “One Beer at a Time” and a fistful of other instant country classics. 

Fish has been working his way upstream in honky tonks around the the South for several years, and looks now like he’s one hit away from grabbing lightning. 

That’s because his voice is real. There is no way to cut corners or throw out slick tricks with music like this. Either the singer delivers or it’s time to unplug the amps and head home. Without doubt, Fish delivers. There is an easy swagger in his sound, one that pays homage to the singing greats before him. 

He’s also deadset on putting his own stake in the ground. With a band that sounds like they honed their attack on stages from Tyler to El Paso and back enough times to be known in all the truck stops along the way, there aren’t many groups that can play harder, pull back as quickly and then drop the hammer at the end of a set to leave audiences in semi-delirium. 

Country music is like salvation on the bandstand to its fervent followers, which is one of the reasons it still sells like it’s the good old days pre-Spotify and other streaming shenanigans. Watch out for Drew Fish soon at the CMAs, ACMs and whatever other alphabetical rompers hit the screen. 

The real deal.

Posted on January 5, 2020, By Bill Bentley
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